There’s a place for you to plug in at Cornerstone.

Membership is important to us. We think of it as joining a family—it involves commitment and belonging, as well as responsibility. We summarize it with these four words: Gather, Give, Grow, Go. If you want to learn more about what it means to be a member at Cornerstone, please read our membership covenant. Still interested? You can get more information about our next membership class by clicking the 'Become a Covenant Member' link below.

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While we would love for you to become a part of the Cornerstone family and join us in Christ's mission in this city, we know that it takes all kinds of different churches to reach all kinds of different people. God's kingdom is so much bigger than any one single church or denomination. If for whatever reason, Cornerstone Church is not the community of people God is calling you to, there are many other wonderful congregations in Mid-County. Here some you might consider...

  • First Baptist Church Nederland (our sending church...over 100 years of church history and right in the middle of Nederland Avenue)
  • Providence Baptist Church Beaumont (this is the church we helped start in Beaumont)
  • Ridgewood Church (it's been such a joy to partner with Ridgewood Church at their annual Night to Shine)
  • Carpenter's Way Fellowship (CW was such a blessing to us when we were getting started as a church, and we have been friends with Pastor Jesse for a really long time)
  • Hillcrest Baptist Church (Pastor Jordan Rogers is one of the most gifted expository preachers in the area by far!)
  • Sojourn Church Beaumont (Cornerstone planted about the same time as Sojourn and the community of faith at Sojourn has been such a great encouragement to us)
  • Brighter Day Ministries in Port Arthur (we love partnering in ministry with Pastor Darrell and his family...they are near and dear to our heart)
  • First Baptist Church Groves (God has so blessed this church to do amazing ministry in our area for a really long time)